I got a deal on curtains that were on sale at the Warehouse today, we still had two windows in the house that were without curtains so I wanted to get them all covered up before next month as July is when its coldest here. I did an online order. We had no curtains on these windows except one or two horrible elastic hanging things that didn’t fit the width and were sun faded, really only good for the trash.

We have our front and back doors with largish glass panels too that it seems are impossible to find blinds to fit for (even if they’re trimmed up) so I bought the elastic and I’ll have to make up some old-school type gathered blinds. Not quite what I wanted but I can make them cute.

I still have to get a new one for our bedroom as I only have a temporary one I got an Op Shop there but it fits the window at least. I wont replace that until we’re decided on decor, and the current one is thermal lined so at least its warmed.

And I finished paying off my income tax this morning, transferred the last small payment. Next goal is to pay off the Visa (and close it). It’s $3,000 right now.


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