Cheap meal

I used half  a pack of minced meat the other day in a recipe then I had half left. The next night I had no idea what to do with the rest of it, so I russled (is that a word?) up an easy meal in the slow cooker around lunch time and left it in all day. I couldn’t be bothered frying the mince first to brown it so I left it and an onion in the slow cooker without liquid first and it kinda did the same thing.

Then I added carrots and parsnips from the garden, tomatoes (frozen originally from the garden), herbs, and other flavorings like Worcestershire sauce until it tasted good, and some cabbage towards the end.

Then I cooked some dry pasta and added it near the end too, although that’s not in the picture. It was delicious, and cheap!

Last week our grocery budget was about $130, this week about $200. A long way to go 😦

2015-06-26 17.13.45


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