Side Hustling Monday

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about side hustling. If you don’t know what side hustling is, try reading posts like this one, its very inspiring. I really want to be out of debt!

I got two bid on one of my Trade Me auctions. $35 so far. I paid $4 for one of the items in an Op Shop some time ago, and the other one was a gift so its a good profit. I listed one more auction. Only a low value item, another unwanted gift, but it still clears some clutter!

I did an online survey and earned $3, and another one with another company for 500 points which ends up converting to cash later. I had over $40 outstanding with the one company so I claimed my rewards so I can use the vouchers for Christmas shopping.

I just used my Flybuys points to get myself a pair of Havianas for summer. I desperately needed more and I usually only buy cheap ones from the Warehouse which fall apart or wear through so easily so I’m pleased to get a new pair for nothing!


Stayed home again all day, except the OH had to visit a client a short distance away so minimal gas used in the car. Made pikelets for lunch, roast chicken for dinner. Paid the daycare bill $10 (super low as its subsidized).

Did $6.07 worth of transcription work.

Did almost 2 hours in my regular job (I choose my own hours, I get most done on other days of the week). I don’t count this as side hustling, but rather my ordinary job.

I’ve decided I will count money as it comes in/gets cashed in or earned, so auctions won’t count until the winning bidder has paid etc, as some sales fall through.

Summary: 12 October:

  • Haviana’s – Flybuys Points so $0 cost. Value: Approx $25
  • Survey company: $40 Farmers vouchers (will use for Christmas shopping so saves me 40$)

Today’s Hustling total: $65

Today’s Saving total: $0

Total: $65

Tomorrow I will focus on work and I need to buy some more groceries. I also need to clear junk off a set of bunks we’re going to sell and take a photo of those, We expect to get at least $200 for those.


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