Worked regular job.

Did another transcription for US$5.71.

I applied for work distributing catalogs.

Listed 7 items on Trade Me. No more bids on any of my sales since yesterday though :/

OH had an inquiry from someone potentially offering him a higher paying/additional job.

I went Op Shopping and scored a few bargains. An avocado keeper, 50cents. I know this isn’t really a necessity, or minimalist, but I do waste avocado! A 50cent tupperware, I get these because when I make things like chicken stock or soup, they go in the freezer in Tupperware so I need a lot. Two coffee mugs for 50c each (because I liked them and with a 2yo that likes to help with the dishes, things don’t last so great in our house), and a Pumpkin Patch shirt for $2 for the kiddo, in new condition. He’s very excited and had to put it on over his pyjamas this morning, much to my chagrin as I hadn’t washed it to get the op shop smell out of it yet. I also grabbed a few Crown Lynn colour glaze plates that were $2 each, coupe bowls to be exact. I’ve managed to collect a lot of colour glaze and I can’t decide whether to keep it or sell it. I’ve sold some in the past and it is popular but it would be nice to have a beautiful mixed set of it.

2015-10-14 08.20.03 2015-10-14 08.20.25 2015-10-14 08.21.10

Had to get some groceries and put gas in the car.

We had roast chicken Monday night so Tuesday night was leftover chicken on toasted sandwiches and the leftover chicken carcuss went in the slow cooker to become homemade chicken stock.

Summary: 13 October:

Today’s total: $0 (I count transcription when I actually get paid, if its not up to standard they don’t pay!)

Spent: $105 (Op shopping, fuel and groceries)

Made: My own chicken stock – saves on buying any!

Saved: $0

Plan for Wednesday: Staying home to work all day! Kiddo is at daycare


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