I didn’t get any transcription done on Thursday, just regular work as I had to go and buy some more groceries. We got some fuel vouchers since my husbands employer messed up and he won’t be getting paid for another 2 weeks. Not happy about that.

I’d just got to the supermarket and my Mother pointed out that the coffee I buy was on special at the Warehouse. $4 a jar cheaper than the supermarket so I walked over and bought 2 jars, saving $8. I would have got more usually but we’re skint with OH’s pay not going in as it should of.

I got a little gardening done too. Harvested some carrots, did some weeding with the little one. He ate the baby carrots, its super cute seeing a 2 year old harvest and wash and eat the produce.

Summary: 15 October:

Today’s gain: $40

Spent: Too much – groceries and chinese food for lunch. 

Made: Nothing

Saved: $40 on gas for the car and $8 on coffee 

Plan for Friday: Work and maybe some transcription. Hopefully get some Trade Me items listed too.


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