It was a stay at home and work day today. Regular job stuff.

I did  an additional transcription for $10.75.

I got a call about the catalog deliveries and while it sounds decent, I don’t think I’m going to go for it. It involves delivering a LOT of catalogs, hoping for sales, collecting all the money and then delivering all the orders when they arrive. That is a lot of time for 20%. Maybe a retired person would do it for the extra $$ but I can’t spare the time, particularly when there is no guarantee of how much income there is to make.

Listed 2 more auctions on Trade Me.

I love Pinterest. I keep pinning stuff and never doing it. That’s going to change!

I’ve decided to pick one of the top items from each of my lists and either delete it, or organize to do it. Aside from the ones that are purely inspiration or ideas that simply can’t happen yet because of finances etc. I might try and organize those into a separate board though. Called Future or something.

I’m really motivated to declutter right now. For many reasons:

  1. So I have time to do things like craft, which I never get around too
  2. I love not being surrounded by stuff.
  3. I can make money from the junk I sell
  4. It helps keep my house cleaner
  5. A cluttered house = a cluttered mind
  6. I want my kid to feel organized.
  7. It makes renovating our home (and we have a LOT to do) so much easier without all this stuff in the way.

Have I missed anything?

I’ll use Pinterest to help me get organized and start getting some word done on our house. There is a LOT to do. And no money to do it 🙂

The floor in our foyer needs to be pulled up and replaced. Luckily we bought the supplies to do it when we had the money so we’ve been waiting on some nice weather, and a time when we don’t have a toddler running around since its impossible to get anywhere in our house without walking through the foyer.

Then it will be decorating time and I have no idea of what to do so I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas.

The walls were lined with recycled boards and very imperfect (we were saving money), so I want to do some type of bead board or wainscoating down the bottom, then a patterned wallpaper up the top to hide the imperfections. Is it just me or is there a lot of boring design around right now. Plain walls. Plain tables. Mirrors above them. A few nice books and plants. I don’t want a polished look.

I love this mix of rustic and industrial and the curtains!

I love the fur on the bench. I’d like some crocheted cushions in bright colours rather than the linen one.

I love this. Love it. I could easily go all black with it if if I could talk the hubs into it.

This was my original plan, but without the dogs. But I’m really leaning towards the all black I posted above now. Obviously without the toilet too, since its a foyer!

I like the mix of rustic, and I have plenty of these old crates I’ve collected I could display. But I don’t like the chalkboard above. This feel too much like a restaurant or cafe or something.

How adorable!
Too cluttered for my liking but I have a couple of crates I could stack like this, they’re more rustic and one is broken but it could suit a rustic look nicely.

Because if you’re going for bold, you may as well do it properly, right?

Black on top, white wainscoating on the bottom. I hate that table though.

My top favorite! Last and definitely not least.


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