$24 in from Trade Me sales. I went grocery shopping and picked up some postage supplies at the same time so I can send those off on Thursday when I go into town again.

I got a User Testing job I completed. $10.

I got two out of those four jobs I applied for yesterday. I’m so happy about that.  Basically I have reached a level where I have as much work as I want right now, which is fantastic because I want to pay off debt! I’ll hold off on applying for any more at this stage as I have probably as much workload as I need for the next 10 days or so.

This problem right now is that none of these payments are coming in right now, but in a week or two they should begin and then I can start sending them our  baby emergency fund which was depleted while OH was out of work.

OH had a meeting yesterday about some potential additional work but it won’t start until probably middle of next year.

Worked a little in my regular job and on a bigger transcription job.

Today’s gain: $24 

Plan for Wednesday: Regular job, big transcription job, wrap up Trade Me sales for posting tomorrow. 


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