$5 Trade Me sale in.

I got my regular pay in last night so I paid the bills after working until midnight.

I didn’t get around to baking since I worked all evening so I was up so early (6am) with the 2yo this morning that I made some brownies. I always use this recipe. I only ever add sultanas to it usually since its unhealthy, rich and sweet enough already that the sultanas make it nicer, adding marshmellows or anything is just too sweet. But at least the kiddo got to take a nice piece of brownie in his lunchbox this morning.

Finished the large transcription job I started yesterday, just waiting for the payment to be approved now.


$24 in from Trade Me sales. I went grocery shopping and picked up some postage supplies at the same time so I can send those off on Thursday when I go into town again.

I got a User Testing job I completed. $10.

I got two out of those four jobs I applied for yesterday. I’m so happy about that.  Basically I have reached a level where I have as much work as I want right now, which is fantastic because I want to pay off debt! I’ll hold off on applying for any more at this stage as I have probably as much workload as I need for the next 10 days or so.

This problem right now is that none of these payments are coming in right now, but in a week or two they should begin and then I can start sending them our  baby emergency fund which was depleted while OH was out of work.

OH had a meeting yesterday about some potential additional work but it won’t start until probably middle of next year.

Worked a little in my regular job and on a bigger transcription job.

I ran out of morrocan mix, a herb blend I used to buy, so I made my own today using a recipe on Too easy. Sorry brand name herb mix I used to buy, you lost a customer there.

Did a survey and entered a couple of competitions.

Today’s gain: $5

Made: My own Morrocan seasoning instead of spending $5 on it.

Plan for Thursday: Go to the Post Office. Work. 


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