Weeded the vegetable garden

Decluttered a LOT and burned a lot of rubbish. I started reading Marie Kondo’s book again too. I’ve read it before but we had so many renovations going on back then that it was hard to get into the decluttering properly.

Started the other big transcription job I’ve got to do which pays me $35.

Started arranging some bagged foods in my pantry in some empty coffee jars. Ants keep getting under my Tupperware seals. I’m annoyed. Coffee jars are at least ant proof and they will do until I can find and afford some nice food storage jars.

I’m waiting on the main transcription company I work for to pay me still. It was supposed to be the 24th at the latest and they’re not responding to my messages so far. :/ I won’t be doing anything more for them until I get paid and seeing the queue of transcriptions backing up in their system right now I”m wondering if other people are feeling the same way.


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