Tuesday – Corn Day

OH is having trouble with corns and was talking about going to the Doctor for it. Now I don’t mind spending on healthcare but I was certain the Doctor would only tell him to try some home remedies or prescribe some crappy pharmacy product we’d get charged stupid amounts for. We soaked his feet in epsom salts, used a pumice stone to scratch some away, then applied a mix of crushed asprin, lemon juice and water and wrapped it in cling film and hot face cloths for 10 minutes while he put his feet up and watched some TV. Then soaked and pumiced again, then I applied some more of the asprin mix and he’s put clean socks on. We’ll see how that goes but he reports it’s already feeling much better. This evening we’ll try some apple cider vinegar overnight (a poultice with stale bread) and see if that helps.

It must have been a day for corn, without even thinking of the irony, I planted some sweet corn seeds in the garden while on a break from work this afternoon.

Dinner was a mince and pasta dish baked with spinach I needed to use up and I still have a bunch of cherry tomatoes in the freezer from last year I cooked my own pasta sauce with and just strained the skins out so its wasn’t clumpy. Herbs from our garden.

I started knitting a log cabin blanket using scraps. My inspiration:

Todays gain: $31.50 from transcription job.

Saving: Probably a doctors visit. Didn’t use canned tomatoes or pasta sauce but made my own with our garden tomatoes from the freezer.


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