Focused on regular work today. 8 hours during the day.

Applied for another typing job that will have a chance of getting me some consistent Christmas work.

Worked solidly for 5 hours until midnight last night on another side hustle job. Then finished it tonight,, I worked until 2.30 am. I won’t go into the details of what it is but its writing and its.. well, some things just shouldn’t see the light of day.

Payments were made while I slept for that job and some of the other small jobs I’ve been doing. $246 side hustle in for the day. The big one offered me more work I need to get done over the next week for around $200 so that will be money for next week covered too. OH picked up some work too for a guy this week and talked about some ongoing work that will be additional to what he’s doing now. This side hustling this is had work but easy to find!

It was a little tricky because after working 8 hours solid in my main job, she set me stuff to do for the evening if I have time, with a deadline for the morning. As much as that job is my bread and butter right now, she is leaving me without income for a month at Christmas time and knows that I need to earn extra to cover that, so something has to give.

I got the budget done and updated YNAB since it was pay day. I only just started using it again, every other time I’ve stupidly predicting my income up to a year ahead, screwed it up and given up when my situation or income changed because it messed up my budget. This time I’m using it properly.

Plan for Thursday: Grocery shopping. Some regular work. Some gardening. Maybe some knitting if there is time.

Total side hustle gain for Wednesday: $246


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