Groceries and fuel put in the car.

Took an afternoon nap, after working so late into the morning I was pooped.

Another win today. Being self employed, I have to pay my insurances along with my taxes. When I got my invoice this year I took a good look at it, I hadn’t in other years. They’ve had me classified wrong so I’ve been paying 15 cents more an hour than I should have been, so it will be backdated and fixed up, and I may even be in credit instead of owing them right now.

Did some knitting. I’ll take a progress photo at some stage.

Worked regular job in the evening.

OH got paid early so I finished funding our mortgage account (to get our payments covered through Christmas with less income) and our Christmas gift purchasing. Next goal is to get our $1,000 emergency fund replenished. With the toddler in hospital earlier this year we used a chunk of what there was on motel bills and fuel etc. I can’t even remember where the rest went but there is currently nothing.

Side hustle gains: Nothing today

Savings: An unknown amount on insurances


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