KonMari’ing (is that even a word?) this morning. So far one bag of trash and I’ve just got past the books area.

We don’t have a lot of books. The toddler has maybe 24 or so books? I’ve thrown out the ones he ripped already. We have maybe a dozen adult books and textbooks. No magazines. Just one I bought when the little guy was in hospital I never got around to reading but its one of those nice home ones so I’ll read it sometime and then chuck it out. I don’t buy magazines usually because I think they’re a big fat waste of money. I read ebooks from the library for free so no buying books or even using a library. I was usually with physical books from the library because I’d end up with late fees all the time. I live in a small town now so I still use the electronic books from the big city library where I used to live. There’s a loophole that never gets checked.

Finished my transcription job that wasn’t due until Monday so I don’t have to stress about that. Handy that the toddler has big afternoon naps that let me do these things.

Listed a couple of things for sale on Facebook.

Did one extra transcription in the evening. Those don’t pay so well ($8 USD) but hey, it’s still cash, right?

Some old pots my neighbor was throwing away. They were super ugly, the one back left had blue and white triangles painted all over it and worn looking. I remembered I had some terracotta paint from years ago that I picked up for $1 so I painted them. I think they’ll look great with some nice lush plants in them. The table they’re on needs repainting too at some stage. Actually the pot on the left was one of a bunch I got from freecycle years ago but I never used it because it was ugly. Now I will!

2015-10-31 18.44.53


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