Konmari status update: Another bag of trash out today. Still plodding through it. We don’t have a HEAP of stuff, its just strewn everywhere with no real order.

Shifted firewood and burnt some scraps. We had a heap of pine trees taken down some months back and the weather is only just getting good enough to deal with it all.

Stayed home again. Made date scones for lunch. Roast chicken for dinner. I got two chickens for $14 at the supermarket the other day,  a pretty good deal, even pre-stuffed.

Did a little work in the evening for my regular job.

Side Hustle weekly total: $117.50. I’m not going to count the other $246 I accounted for the other day because it hasn’t hit my bank account yet. I only want to count it when I can actually get my hands on, so it will be in November’s count instead.

Side Hustle monthly total for October: $534.46. My goal for the month was to make an extra $100 so I well exceeded that (although $300 was for those bunks we sold).

November side hustle goal: I’ll aim for $600.

Other November goals:

  • Save $150 into emergency fund
  • Stick to grocery budget
  • Hire a rotary hoe for more vegetable garden
  • Put another coat of paint on the fence
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Drink a bottle of water every day
  • Keep KonMari’ing!

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