Applied for more work.

I got up to the part of Marie Kondo’s list of cleaning out the perishables. Which resulted in cleaning out the refrigerator since it was due to be done. The shelf which held our milk had been cracking, been glued, cracked more and finally, when I put it in hot water to wash it, snapped in half.

I hate our fridge. I hated it when we bought it because it has the fridge on the bottom which is pointless to me when you access it more than the freezer so why bend all the time. But at the time it was cheaper and we were paying cash and needed a new washing machine as well (purchased the same brand which also didn’t last we’ve replaced it since then). So my solution to this cracked shelf since I absolutely refuse to order a replacement and give this company any more of my money (although I love their smart phones): switch the shelf for the egg one we hardly use.

2015-11-03 10.42.20 2015-11-03 10.42.30

One thing that I”m learning through this KonMari process is that we don’t have THAT much clutter, its just not organized and orderly. I don’t have a place for everything.

Another transcription done $6.65.

Did a survey for $2.

I’ve decided not to keep track of my daily side hustle figure totals, they’re getting too confusing. Instead I’ll just write about how they effect my goals and what I’m paying with them. But I’m still working hard to get them!


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