Off the Wagon

Not really off the wagon, but a little spending/shopping happened today that I probably should just roll with the punches with as YNAB says.. but I can’t help feeling silly about it. It was just things like an advent calendar for the kidlet, and some slippers for future years for next year that were knocked down 80% and too good to pass up, and lunch on the way home. But we did also manage to go to the tip and get rid of a heap of stuff I have KonMari’d.

It’s funny because even though I’m doing most of the KonMari’ing, OH is kind of rolling with it almost unknowingly. It was him that wanted to get rid of all the trash and he’s starting to look at more projects that need doing around the house (as am I) now that things are tidier and cleaner and there is less stuff to get in the way. We have a LOT of renovating to do here.


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