What day is it?

Time is rushing by and Christmas is hurtling up on us.

We’ve been doing some small renovations (with supplies we already had). The car goes in Thursday for its annual check so fingers crossed it passes that without need for any repairs. We only have one car which gets difficult to manage but its worth the cost saving. Another one may be on the cards one day though.

OH has picked up a lot more work and he’s busy.

Still KonMari’ing but its slooow. Work keeps me busy and I had a stomach upset the last few days that just left me feeling blah and unmotivated. I’ve finished clearing out, although because I didn’t pull everything out of cupboards (who can live in that chaos for up to 6 months) there is still stuff buried at the back that I can’t get to. But I have a system for putting things back as I organize them so I stack one one side and then at the end, whatever hasn’t been sorted can probably be tossed or organized then.

I may have just picked up some regular transcription work that is at a higher rate than the main one I work for now so if that works out I’ll scrap the other one which pays low.


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