Gardening & More

Yesterday was a busy day.

I’m loving my bullet journal so far, I never get everything done since I seem to think there are more hours in the day that there really are!

Yesterday I made snickerdoodles. I had never heard of them but an American friend told me about them and insisted I try them. I made Martha Stewart’s recipe because I didn’t have any cream of tarter. Delicious! We’re all hooked on them.

2015-12-07 14.54.40

I planted some hibiscus plants in two pots that I had sitting empty on either side of our gate. There used to be lemon trees in them but I killed those somehow.

2015-12-07 15.23.18.jpg

I made stirfry for dinner last night (plus leftovers for lunch), and used frozen vegetables from last year in it. We have waaaay too much in our freezers, particularly zucchini and I desperately need to find a way to use it up. I also used some fresh red pak choy from the garden. Unfortunately the pests get to it before I do but I got a few good leaves off of it.

2015-12-07 15.24.04

We have broccoli almost ready to harvest.

2015-12-07 15.23.58

I planted a fuschia plant I picked up for $2. I want it to climb in the corner.

2015-12-07 15.39.47

I think these are grapes near ready!

2015-12-07 15.40.04

I planted flowers months ago from seed. I wish I could remember what they were as they are now coming up!

2015-12-07 15.40.40

Broad beans not far away. We’ve already had some sugar snap peas.

2015-12-07 15.40.14

OH built a new tap and this is the new clothes line. He’s just purchased a lot of timber to build us a shed to put our firewood in. I’d rather be using the money for other things but he needs a Christmas project! (Excuse the laundry on the line).

I’m doing a much smaller garden this year, but still planting a variety. A few days ago I put in seeds for pak choy, beans, beetroot, carrots, leeks, lettce, onions, parsley, peas, spinach, silverbeet and sweetcorn. Oh and I planted sweetcorn a couple of weeks ago that is already coming up.

We’ve also put up our Christmas tree!

My short list is all laid out in my bullet journal. I have a bunch of tasks set out for today. They won’t all get done but I work through what I can and schedule what I don’t get done for the next day. I work a few hours every evening so I don’t get evenings to do much but work.

  • Clear kiddo’s bedroom
  • Run errands in town (this will take a couple of hours)
  • Make something with blackberries I took out of the freezer (picked wild last year).
  • Plant vegetable seeds.
  • Plant flower seeds.
  • Do my weekly cleaning.
  • Do my monthly cleaning.
  • Make a Doctor appointment.
  • Update my bullet journal.
  • Clear paperwork.
  • Pay car insurance.
  • Bark around trees.
  • Put another coat of paint on the main gate area.
  • Konmari if there is time! (I’m thinking I might need to start scheduling an afternoon a week for this while the kid is at daycare).



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