Getting Back on Track

Right. Christmas is over. It’s time to get back on track.

I’ve just updated YNAB with a fresh start because I’ve been slack and not tracking at all over the last few weeks in Christmas chaos.

I’m getting more focused on Konmari and joined a Facebook group to keep on track and accountable.

My Bullet Journal I love. I don’t make it all pretty like some people do. I don’t see the point in getting myself more organized so I become more productive if I’m going to spend hours prettying up a journal I’ll end up tossing out eventually anyway.

So far for Konmari fresh start:

  • I finished reading the book the second time.
  • I wrote my vision statement.
  • I set up an area to save my tax receipts for the next financial year in Dropbox.


Next I will tackle the Christmas wrapping paper and tags and organize them into storage for next year.

The new plants I potted? One of the flowers is finally out!

2015-12-27 10.05.44


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