Back into it

Okay I got myself too engrossed in online gaming for a while and totally fell off the wagon with everything I’ve been trying to achieve. I go through bursts of that sometimes!

I am loving my bullet journal. There are groups on Facebook dedicated to making them cutesy with washi tape that I joined but I just can’t get into it. If I save all this time organizing my life why waste all that time organizing supplies just to make my lists pretty, and use up time doing it? I can’t fathom it but that’s just me.

Each day of the week has a task. Monday is weekly clean day. Tuesday is errands etc.

Then there is January. There is a list of thing I want to achieve in January so I assign one per day when I play out the month.

Then each day when I set my daily schedule I know I have “daily” which is all my daily chores listed in another area such as making beds, dishes, laundry, pick up the house, etc.

Then the January task, then the task for that day of the week. Plus anything else I think of that needs to be done that day, as well as anything i didn’t get done the day before.

The hubs is busy building our wood shed today too which will be good because we have so many trees felled we can then cut it and store it all for winter. So much to be done around here!


  • Daily tasks
  • Konmari x 5 (5 off the list I’m working through. This is another daily task until I’m completed Konmari’ing)
  • Finish my January garden planting (half already done last week)
  • Do 2 hours work
  • Update YNAB (didn’t get it done yesterday)
  • Transfer money to my Mum
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Car registration
  • Plus its Garden & House planning day today, so I need to design our kids bedroom since we’re almost ready to work on that.




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