What I did on Thursday

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone.

Thursday I Konmari’d 5 more things. I have a bit of  a process. I’m following a list I’ve found on Pinterest (it would have been helpful if the book had a complete list in it like this.. just sayin’ ) and I work through it but after each item I do 20 other things, whether that is picking up bits as I go, cleaning, or finding pieces that I already did on the list but missed these, ie random pens when I’ve already completed stationery. Otherwise I feel like I’d have shambles all around me. And there are some things that just aren’t on the list that I can cover off as I go then. It work or me. It enables me to pick up some other crap in the near vicinity of what I’m working on currently as it annoys me to leave that stuff laying there because its not listed.

Like I just did phone accesssories. Next to the phone accessory box I already had set up,  was an old painting I don’t want. Throw in donate pile. A couple of tea cups I listed for sale. Some cleaning rags I tossed in a box with some other ones I’ve found as I go. A pen I threw in the stationery box. Now a large area on that shelf is cleared and when I go to the next item on the list I can see better what I have.

It works for me.

I worked 3 hours in the afternoon while kiddo napped, and 3 hours in the evening.

I did some more planting in the garden and I’m almost finished with my January planting list. I have a few to finish off today.

I didn’t get a lot else done yesterday that was on my list so I have no idea where the day went really! Today I must be more productive and focus less on work. I have made a short list of work tasks that I must achieve and then I’m going to knock off. My boss is giving me plenty to do my weekly limit of hours means I don’t get given enough time to complete everything anyway.

I used up some eggs that needed using, mixed them with a little milk and some herbs, chopped up ham and put grated cheese on top into slices of bread in muffin tins and baked.

2016-01-21 13.02.16

The garden is coming along nicely.


Dinner (I forgot to take a photo) was sausages, potatoes out of the garden, broccoli and brussel sprouts, also both out of the garden.

2016-01-21 17.22.30.jpg




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