Struggled to wake up this morning. I worked until around midnight and then had trouble getting to sleep because I didn’t get that evening wind down time.

Got kiddo ready for preschool with lunch made.

Washed the dinner dishes that didn’t get done last night because I was working and OH just. Well. He just didn’t.

Got the laundry in off the line I didn’t remember to get in yesterday (I did 3 loads).

Got the kiddo off to preschool.

Listed an item for sale on Facebook.

Worked for an hour.

Finished planting January seeds and the seedlings that were big enough for transplanting. A whole lot of broccoli in the ground now. Unfortunately my pak choy and lettuce has all been eaten by the wild chickens that are running around :(.

Did a couple more hours work.

Put rubbish in burner.

Paid for car registration online.

Painted my toenails. Friday is Self Care Day. Each week I’ll add another item to the list so I start taking care of my self better. Recording these in my bullet journal.

Filled out a tax form and got it ready to be mailed. Lucky I already KonMari’d envelopes so they were easy to find!

Couldn’t get to my craft supplies in our small shed so I spent time tidying some of the tools instead as the whole shed needs cleaning out. I’ll do a little here and there until its complete.

Completed 2 surveys – 70 points and 170 points.

Unsubscribed from 15 emails. Still MANY more to go.

Took the evening off work. Which rarely happens.


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