Before Pictures

I just spend almost a day and a half clearing out a shed on our property that we had loaded with stuff during renovations, renovation materials, tools, goods I wanted to sell and lots of hay remnants from when it was used for hay storage that I carted out to a compost pile.

And I FORGOT to take a before photo. I’m so annoyed with myself because it is quite a transformation.

I have at least 2 car loads worth of rubbish and 1 car load of donations to drop off today. All the stuff I want to sell is now loaded in one large plastic bin and I have a large space available now to paint furniture in, which is what I want to get into soon.

I will load an after shot soon!

Today’s goals (if I can move, I’m physically aching). Actually now I look at this list it’s probably more likely to be the weeks goals since there is no way I’d get all this done in a day (especially with a toddler around) but I can try. Anyway, anything I don’t get done can carry over until tomorrow.

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly clean
  • Monthly clean (if I get time)
  • Update YNAB
  • Work for 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours evening
  • Make a phone call
  • Order Annie Sloan wax since there is nowhere local to buy it
  • Get the handles cut off my sewing desk I want to paint
  • Top up my cellphone
  • Drop off donations
  • Bake
  • Blog (done once I hit post on this!)
  • Continue Konmari

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