Since last post:

Paid bills.

Did some knitting and watched How I Met Your Mother

Decided I am kind of over my online gaming. Other than logging into it when I work to keep me company I’m done with spending my time that I could be doing other things in there. I enjoy the roleplay elements and being able to do that creative writing and stories but its such a time sucker.

Been reading a book about paying off mortgage early. Not sure what I think of it yet. I feel like we’re so far away from paying off the mortgage yet with the debt we’ve got.

Listed 6 items for sale online. I really want to get our debts knocked out!

Cleaned out both freezers. I didn’t do a complete defrost but I reorganized and threw out a few things I wouldn’t eat. We have a lot of frozen vegetables that need using up. One of my missions of things to do! My main goal was to be able to fit more in. Now that we do a shop every two weeks I keep running out of room on grocery day.


Now at least I know what is in there and it’s in some order. And we have space!

Topped up cellphone. I have an old smartphone on a prepaid plan which never costs me more than $20 a month. I never use up the data or minutes or texts so it suits me.

I just got a bid on one of my items I posted for sale. $150. Score. The auction still has 6 days to run so with any luck it might go even higher.

And another one for $20 🙂

Did an hours work this afternoon.

Went walking to see if there were any wild blackberries for picking yet. There wasn’t. Couple more weeks to go.

Watched some TV. Finished watching How I Met Your Mother. Cried.

Cooked roast chicken with all the vegetables (beans, potatoes, spinach, baby beets) from the garden.

Konmari’d a little.

Evening, worked for a few hours.


  • Daily cleaning – yesterday I got done (this is obviously an ongoing/daily one!)
  • Weekly clean – nope
  • Monthly clean (if I get time) – nope
  • Update YNAB – not yet
  • Work for 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours evening – did evening, but napped in the afternoon! On a roll today though while the kid is at preschool.
  • Make a phone call
  • Order Annie Sloan wax since there is nowhere local to buy it
  • Get the handles cut off my sewing desk I want to paint
  • Top up my cellphone
  • Drop off donations
  • See if there are wild blackberries ready to pick yet
  • Catch up on The Middle and Extreme Cheapskates (while I catch up on some knitting?)
  • Finish watching the last season of How I Met Your Mother (while I catch up on some knitting?)
  • Complete and send back paperwork I got in the mail yesterday
  • Get my 25 hours done for the week
  • Buy new headphones (kid broke other pair)
  • Transfer money to cover Microsoft and Dropbox payments for the month.
  • Finish my daily clean (I’m trying to get myself in the habit of this).

New tasks:

  • Plan bedroom design
  • Unsubscribe from some emails
  • Paint spice rack
  • Bake
  • Sort out car insurance automatic payments
  • Start christmas savings
  • water seedings

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