I’m kind of excited. I worked out that in four years, if we’re focused (and probably don’t do all the renovation projects we need to) we could be debt and mortgage free in 4 years.

However, we have work to do for council consents to get out house finished. Bummer. But still, it’s refreshing to know we can do it that fast and our debt isn’t as scary as I thought.

OH smokes. Revolting I know. But I got hold of some tobacco seeds a while ago and after losing the first batch I planted (how, I forget), I planted some more a couple of weeks ago and here is where they’re at.

2016-02-11 08.48.00

My old Galaxy 3 is now putting blue marks on all my pictures 😦

My day:

Woke up consumed by thoughts of how soon we could get out of debt if we did nothing but pay off debt. Realized our debt levels are not as overwhelming as I thought they were.

Got kid off to preschool.

Worked two or so hours.

Hung laundry out on the line.

Started tidying up the yard but it was too hot so came indoors again and lay down for a while.

Caught up on some Facebook and removed myself from a few groups.

Listed another item for sale.

Did another hours work.

FINALLY updated YNAB. I’m starting fresh and I’ve updated my daily schedule to include updating it.

Napped for half an hour.

Tidied the house.

Started dinner, reading some forums while I waited for various things to cook (we only have a bench top oven and one burner!)

Evening. Big fat nothing. Watched TV. Usually I work in the evenings so its nice sometimes just to kick back with a glass of wine and do nothing. So no progress on the to do list, no decluttering. I did post (yay for rural pick up service) the $20 dress I sold as the money appeared in my account.


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