Woke up feeling motivated and while I drank my morning coffee I browsed houses on Trade Me. I like to look at houses for sale in my own country now and again to get inspiration. We have so many renovations to do and limited funds but I always find it motivating to look at what other people are doing and any great ideas or colours I like I save to Pinterest. This kitchen made me swoon.


I may have sold an item on Ebay.. I just answered a postage query. Fingers crossed.

In the afternoon I watched some Extreme Cheapskates. Wow. I notice none of those people have their own vegetable garden. I guess that’s the difference between frugal people and cheap people. I’d rather put work into a vegetable garden than go through rubbish for my food.

Worked for one hour. I have some hours to catch up on.

Then we spent some time outside and cut up more firewood from our felled pine trees and stacked it. I separated out kindling and pinecones and I gathered some bark scraps. I’m collecting the bark and pine needles that have started breaking down so I can mulch a large garden bed we have started setting up. HUGE job but we bought some bark a while ago and it was ridiculous prices and I realized, wait why are we buying bark?

I also have a plan to sell pine cones. I just have to find out if I can get some chicken feed bags or something to pack them in. Our road is reasonably busy so I can put some out for sale there.

The night before last we had roast chicken with all the vegetables coming from our garden. The following night I made stirfried chicken rice with sweet and sour sauce which I made myself. More vegetables from the garden, the mushrooms I got last winter cheap and froze. Tonight is tuna on toast. The rest of the sweet and sour sauce will keep for 2 weeks but I have some fish in the freezer I got on clearance at the supermarket that would be nice with it.

Konmari’d kitchen appliances. I had already donated the ones we don’t use previously. We have a handmixer, a juicer, a blender, an electric frying pan, a stick blender, a sandwich maker (use this regularly to cook meats instead of using the oven), a jug and a toaster.

  • Daily cleaning – yesterday I got done (this is obviously an ongoing/daily one!)
  • Weekly clean – nope
  • Monthly clean (if I get time) – nope
  • Update YNAB  – this will now be part of daily routine, to keep it updated
  • Work for 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours evening – did evening, but napped in the afternoon! On a roll today though while the kid is at preschool.
  • Make a phone call
  • Order Annie Sloan wax since there is nowhere local to buy it
  • Get the handles cut off my sewing desk I want to paint
  • Top up my cellphone
  • Drop off donations
  • See if there are wild blackberries ready to pick yet
  • Catch up on The Middle and Extreme Cheapskates (while I catch up on some knitting?)
  • Finish watching the last season of How I Met Your Mother (while I catch up on some knitting?)
  • Complete and send back paperwork I got in the mail yesterday
  • Get my 25 hours done for the week
  • Buy new headphones (kid broke other pair)
  • Transfer money to cover Microsoft and Dropbox payments for the month.
  • Finish my daily clean (I’m trying to get myself in the habit of this).
  • Plan bedroom design
  • Unsubscribe from some emails
  • Paint spice rack
  • Bake
  • Sort out car insurance automatic payments
  • Start christmas savings
  • water seedings

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