I am determined to finish Konmari by the end of February. There I said it. This is taking far too long.

I have to say I’m not being as particular as I should be since we’re renovating the whole house and no room is yet finished so I figure I’ll get it in better order as we finish each room.

I jumped and did childrens’ toys since they were spread everywhere in his play area and were due a tidy up anyway so I could get the vacuam through that room. I also did canning equipment.

We went shopping to get the kid a new sippy cup and a new dustpan and brush and kids clothing was on sale for winter. I got two sizes up for the kid, items usually $20 or $20 were down to $2.97! So he got about 3 pairs of sweatshirt pants, 1 pair of jeans, 1 sweatshirt. I would have bought more if they had the sizes. OH also got two pairs of pyjama pants (he lives in them around home) for $5 each down from $20. I wasn’t planning to buy clothes today but that is how I tend to buy all kids clothing, a year in advance or so and cheap! Or at Op Shops 🙂 I was going to buy a new headset for my transcription work but OH said use his since he hardly uses them so there is another cost saving (and something else to cross off my list).

Sourced a few grain bags to bag up pinecones in and a neighbour is going to see if he can get me more off one of the other farmers. Fingers crossed.

Still looking at houses.

How beautiful is this garden on the side of the driveway? I’d love to do this to ours.



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