Not a very exciting update but since I’m getting in the habit of doing it daily and more for my own benefit to keep myself accountable, why not?

I worked for 7 hours then another couple in the evening. Caught up on last weeks hours I’d fallen behind on and started on this weeks.

Completed my daily schedule including updating YNAB. Put our figures into a spreadsheet for our budget for the next couple of weeks and had a nice conversation with the hubs about it with no arguing. Yay.

Found another job I might apply for.

Reading a good book about furniture painting (which is one of my dreams!)

Bought and paid for some handles for a couple of furniture projects I’m working on.

Tuesday jobs:

  • Order gib for kids room
  • Konmari
  • Daily chores
  • Weekly clean
  • Op Shops
  • Post ebay item I sold
  • Drop paperwork off that I completed
  • Find my CV and apply for the job I found
  • Bake for the kiddos lunchbox tomorrow
  • Work in the evening




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