Another bag full of rubbish went to the tip yesterday and I have some more donations for the Salvation Army set aside too.

Posted the item I sold on ebay.

Got the kid a hair cut.

Went to drop off paperwork but I was missing something.

Went op shopping (only bought kids toys and some salt and pepper shakers, total $11).

Did some KonMari.

Worked a few hours in the evening then baked cookies for the kiddos lunchbox tomorrow. Froze some dough for another time and refrigerated some for later in the week.

And I now have another bid on an item I’m selling so now I’m expecting $300 at least to come in over the next week. So happy!

  • Order gib for kids room (hubs is doing this when he works out what else he needs)
  • Konmari
  • Daily chores
  • Weekly clean
  • Op Shops
  • Post ebay item I sold
  • Drop paperwork off that I completed
  • Find my CV and apply for the job I found
  • Bake for the kiddos lunchbox tomorrow
  • Work in the evening

Wednesday tasks:

  • Find my CV and apply for the job I found
  • Get the paperwork finished
  • KonMari (Weekly clean can wait, I just need to get this done!)
  • List a few more things for sale that I’m KonMari’ing

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