• Work day
  • Updated YNAB
  • Applied for 2 more jobs. One has already replied and while they loved my CV they don’t like the fact I am in a different city (their ad said work from home!). If that’s an issue I’d rather not work for them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the other one.
  • Completed daily routine
  • Sorted out car insurance
  • Went grocery shopping after dinner

Thursday to do:

  • Daily routine
  • Get items I sold on TM ready to send tomorrow
  • List more stuff for sale
  • KonMari
  • Work when the kiddo is asleep

This is the garden I need to fill with bark that I collect from under our fallen trees. Not a small job.

2016-02-15 17.14.18

This is the before and after of my laundry shelf so far. Because we still have to renovate this room its not fussy, but its tidier at least.

2016-02-15 18.13.43

2016-02-17 12.19.07

There are still some things there that will need to be sorted when I get to the junk stage. The pink box is full of my sharp craft stuff like scissors and rotary cutters I don’t want to leave in my sewing desk around a certain little person.




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