KonMari’d and listed items for sale. I have two reusable bags and a small box filled with donations and a large box of paper and cardboard for burning.

Did a little work in the afternoon.

Progress on the tobacco seeds I planted (I need to get the hubs to stop putting incense sticks in there!).

2016-02-19 08.15.08

Did some reading on Pinterest which may sound like a waste of time but if filled my head with a lot of ideas for renovations, my income etc.

We both got paid and bills got paid, more savings went into the emergency fund thanks to some online sales and the renovation bill for last month is paid up.

Worked in the evening.

Plans for Friday:


  • Konmari
  • Do my daily routine
  • Kiddo to preschool

Online Sales:

  • Go to Post Office to send items I sold on Trade Me
  • Visit Op Shops while I’m out
  • List more for sale

Job/money making:

  • Work
  • Business Development (Study articles I’ve saved on Pinterest)


Paperwork/AKA getting sh*t done:

  • Fill out the direct debit form for my car insurance
  • Collect the paperwork that was being signed

For Me:

  • Enjoy my Op Shopping and see if I can find any nice clothing for myself
  • Catch up on some forums

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