I did it

KonMari is complete. I have a dresser to move when the Hubs will help me with it, its sitting empty in the living room and will go to the bedroom where the old one will be emptied and taken to the garage for tool storage, but aside from that, all finished!

It’s been a long journey since November.

I won’t share a huge amount of pictures, our house is in a long state of renovations so I am not house proud (yet), although I do love our home in its ugly,incomplete state of disrepair for now. But I am at peace with it. It’s organized. We can all find things. I know what we have and what we need to stock up on. I feel ready to tackle other things. And all those things are far more useful than having the most beautiful house. Now we can work on making our place beautiful without being surrounded by clutter and excess.

As you can see we have no cupboard doors on anything and both cupboards need painting and decorating inside. The pantry is going to be rebuilt as the shelves are too deep and take up too much space, things get lost at the back.

And the tidier versions. The large cupboard still has a lot of stuff in it in containers that I am selling online so its staying there for now but at least three of those will be gone eventually if I get everything sold. I have another large container out in the shed of stuff to be listed to but I’m trying not to overwhelm myself by selling too much at once, I’ve made that mistake before and couldn’t keep up with it.

If you haven’t got on with your decluttering KonMari journey yet, just do it. Forget everything else, find yourself a list on Pinterest like I did so you can tick off each category as you go and just do it! It feels great!


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