Getting Sh*t Done

I’ve decided I need a getting sh*t done day. Little things are nagging at me and now that I’ve finished KonMari’ing, I have free time. Obviously. Since I even spent time painting my kids bike, can you believe it only cost $4! The kiddo doesn’t care. He loves it.

And I’ve made good progress on my work hours this week too. Its amazing how much you get done when you can find things and have more of a schedule. I spent time setting up a schedule too a few days ago but that will be something I follow loosely rather than to the T.

bike before

bike after

  • Send document
  • Drop kid off to grandparents
  • Daily clean
  • Weekly clean
  • Change sheets on bed
  • Monthly clean
  • Get paperwork ready to drop off next time I’m in town
  • List a few more things for sale
  • Clean out my photos
  • Update bullet journal
  • Car insurance direct debit form
  • Clean out emails
  • Set up a tax account
  • Set up a side hustle spreadsheet
  • Pay my MSoft and Dropbox payments.
  • Update my to do list for the next week (so I keep getting sh*t done!)

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