A slow start to the day after little sleep (blame the toddler) and a headache.

Tidied up the house.

Made a grocery list.

Wrapped up Trade Me parcels to send.

Went to the Post Office.

Bought groceries. I tried a new technique of grocery shopping to get my bill done. More to come on that.

Went to the butcher.

Op Shopped and found all these single bed sheets for $1.50 each for our sons bed (he’s transitioning from a cot soon). I got him some more Disney books he’s been loving too.

2016-04-29 13.34.58

Bought a new electric frying pan we’ve needed for a while but I held off until I could get a good deal (hello, 60% off, I’ll take it!) and some new bras I needed desperately.

Worked in the evening.

Spent time trying to get rid of 5$#$#%#$$$ Windows 10 Updates that are being forced upon my system. Microsoft is now a computer rapist.


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