Getting Sh* Done Day 3

Day 3: Put the registration sticker on the car. I got it in the mail and the old one hasn’t expired. This is minor, but something I procrastinate. Or, diary the dates car renewals are due, put it in the calendar so it’s never forgotten. I was almost too embarrassed to write this one down.

Completed. I don’t know why I always procrastinate with this. And it seems every time I got out to the car I forget to take it with me. Calendar reminder also set up to get it paid in advance of it expiring next time (although I always get mail to remind me anyway). 

Day 4:  Set up Google calendar, sync it on cellphone. Set up reminders for:

  • bill due dates
  • things to remember
  • date nights
  • a regular date to list more things online or to post sold items
  • Morning and afternoon routines
  • Weekly cleaning routines
  • Monthly cleaning routines

Day 5: Make appointments. Haircut, eye check, doctors visits, catch ups with people. Anything I’ve been procrastinating over. Once they’re booked, diary them in Google Calendar. If money isn’t budgeted, save up for it and then book. Diary to do this (appointment setting) once a month.

Day 6: Clear out emails and action (or set it as a task to complete if it takes too long). Unsubscribe to anything I don’t need. Diary to do this once a week in Google Calendar!


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