Getting Sh&t Done – The Full List

Day 1: Car insurance. If you’re going to join in with me, just review your policy and see if you can get a better deal. If you don’t have a car, look at your other insurances.

Day 2: I will list 3 things online for sale. Decide where the money will go in advance. Mine is going towards paying off our smallest debt right now, last week I threw another $25 from online sales to that debt. This does double duty. It clears stuff out of the house and it brings in money. If it doesn’t sell, relist it. I have a reminder set up at 8.30pm three nights a week to relist auctions that haven’t sold, because that’s when people are most likely to be bidding and my auctions will be due to close then. Everything I list I keep in a box in a cupboard labelled “Listed”. I have another box labelled for sold but unpaid items, and once they’ve paid they get moved to the “To post” box. I also have a “to list” box so that I can deposit things in there I found around the house I want to sell.

Day 3: Put the registration sticker on the car. I got it in the mail and the old one hasn’t expired. This is minor, but something I procrastinate. Or, diary the dates car renewals are due, put it in the calendar so it’s never forgotten. I was almost too embarrassed to write this one down.

Day 4:  Set up Google calendar, sync it on cellphone. Set up reminders for:

  • bill due dates
  • things to remember
  • date nights
  • a regular date to list more things online or to post sold items
  • Morning and afternoon routines
  • Weekly cleaning routines
  • Monthly cleaning routines

Day 5: Make appointments. Haircut, eye check, doctors visits, catch ups with people. Anything I’ve been procrastinating over. Once they’re booked, diary them in Google Calendar. If money isn’t budgeted, save up for it and then book. Diary to do this (appointment setting) once a month. Diary the appointments too.

Day 6: Clear out emails and action (or set it as a task to complete if it takes too long). Unsubscribe to anything I don’t need. Diary a reminder to do this once a week in Google Calendar!

Day 7: Apply for more side hustle jobs and research others. Diary to do this regularly.