Bought some groceries, stocked up on few things that were on special like juice. The other day at the warehouse they had 1kg bags of rice 5 for $5 as well so I stocked up on those.

Op Shopped, picked up 4 items of clothing for my son for $1 each. In great condition too.

Cooked a corn beef in the slow cooker that will get us through the next couple of days. Dinner tonight will probably be some of the cheap rice, the corn beef (It was $9 but will get a few meals out of it) and some spinach etc from the garden. I’m determined to get our grocery budget lower.

Heard about my tax return and have to manage find a lot of money to pay not just this years tax but provisional for the next one too. How do they expect people to pay two years worth at once?

Worked all evening. Exhausted.



I started off the morning by doing a fresh start in YNAB. The categories were a mess from when I set out the expenses all as week 1, week 2 etc, thinking it would make a difference for my weekly pay but it just got too confusing. In order to clean it up I had to fresh start it since I had money assigned to most of them in the past. It feels good anyway to get it all cleaned up.

I have about $70 worth of online sales coming in this week so happy about that although posting can be a lot of work.

Listed 1 item on Trade Me.

Did 1 hours work although its a public holiday, I don’t want to fall behind.

Contacted auction winners with postage costs.

Downgraded my Dropbox account to save $10 a month.

Went for a short walk.

Made meatloaf with vegetables from the garden – zucchini, carrot, onion.

Made scones for lunch. We were running out of bread and I didn’t want to make a special trip into town.

2016-04-25 11.25.02



Op shopped in another town and found hardly anything! So disappointing! Boo! Next time I’m going to try another town.

I did get a bid on two of my auctions though.

I’m going to start reporting each month on my earnings for anything I resell.


A work day.

Defrosted scones last night and baked those this morning so I could one in the little mans lunch box and we’re munching on the rest at home today. It means I don’t have to to cook too much during the day when I’m trying to work.

Put a corned beef on in the slow cooker for dinner.

Listed another auction.

Did a survey.

Updated YNAB and paid bills.